The Mallory House
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Current Rental Rates

The Mallory House

- Ranging from $1,400.00 per month for a one bedroom to $2,500.00 for a dramatic two bedroom that            occupies the complete second floor.  Most of the apartments include all utilities in the rent.

Rental Process

 Important Information:

We understand that when you are coming from out of town, it can be difficult to get to Ann Arbor to view an apartment. Approximently 40% of our apartments are rented sight unseen through the internet. Contact us if you are interested in renting a unit before moving to Ann Arbor and we can help you in the process. 

- All apartments are rented with minimum one-year lease

- Credit check is required as a part of the application

- Apartment showings require notice well in advance

- Strict no-dog policy


Unit availability is routinely updated as current residents notify management of their plans to move out. Additionally, any available apartments may be posted on Craigslist.

Apartment 1 will be available in August it rents for $1,175.00 per month including gas and electric.  All the other apartments are rented until fall of 2019


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